Sundial Koromantee, Sundial Wood Root Tonic & Sundial Traditional African Man Back Tonic

Guinea Hen Weed energy shake, Moringa High Energy Super Food
& Strawberry High Energy Protein shake

Sundial Koromantee

The ingredients in this products is traditionally used by the people of Africa, Caribbean and Latin America to clean out the stomach, intestines and colonic area of waste matter and help relieve constipation.
So if you are feeling bloated, suffering from gas, heartburn, digestive problems and carrying a big load under you belt and nothing seems to help try SUNDIAL Koromantee Bitters, Colonic and Intestinal Cleanser; the wash out for those on the run that don’t need the runs.

Sundial Wood Root Tonic

Out of the culture of the Maroons comes a formula combination that has been passed down for generations and nis now presented as SUNDIAL original Maroon recipe “Wood Root Tonic”, used traditionally in Jamaica as a household remedy and general tonic for the blood, body and nerves.
The ingredients in this product has been used by the Carib Indians to protect them from epidemics and as a general tonic for the reproductive organs of both male and female.
So if you are feeling run-down, tired, lacking energy, vim, vigor and vitality, try SUNDIAL traditional original Maroon recipe “Herbal Wood Root Tonic made the traditional way. Contains no artificial or chemical ingredients of any kind. 100% Natural.

Sundial Traditional African Man Back Tonic

Made from a combination of roots and barks from Ghana West Africa, where this formula is traditionally used for all weaknesses in male reproductive system, spine, nerves and as a treatment for impotence. So if you are not functioning up to par, lacking strength and stamina, remember the strength of the reproductive organs, reflects the strength of the entire body. Take SUNDIAL AFRICAN MANBACK TONIC to strengthen, rejuvinate, energize and help bring the reproductive organs back to their natural state of good health.

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