Emergent Health VitaStim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is a new class of dietary supplement for improving life. Vita Stim combines the latest knowledge of functional foods and scientifically designed extracts to better quality of life in most people who use it. Vitastim is provided in an easy to swallow 750 mg. capsule requiring just two capsules per day. Vita-Stim™ was named to indicate what we believe will identify it as special:

Vita = Life
Stim = Abbreviation for stimulate
FACT: Stem Cells are responsible for 50% to 70% of your bodies healing and repairing!

As we read ,study, view and become more educated on the medical wonders of Adult Stem Cells, we can profoundly appreciate the marvels of just 2 Vita-Stim™ all-natural capsules.

FACT: The ingredients in Vita-Stim™ DO support the the release of up to 2 to 3 Million Adult Stem Cells from the Bone Marrow into the Bloodstream. This could amount to up to 25% to 30% increase in circulating Stem Cells and is accomplished with the consumption of only 1.5 GRAMS of Vita-Stim™ ( 2 Vita-Stim™ capsules).

FACT: The ingredients in Vita-Stim™ release millions of adult stem cells within 60-90 min. with:
No Injections
No rejections
No high cost operations or procedures
No discomfort
No Competition … no other Natural product compares!
This is a “World First” Wellness opportunity. Change your Life ..TODAY!

There are countless potential benefits to the incorporation of Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition into your diet. Some of these possible benefits, both in the literature about the ingredients, and as reported by consumers of these ingredients, are listed below:

1. May aid in the repair of damaged tissue. How many times have you injured yourself and wanted to heal faster? Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition could help you.
2. May aid in the regeneration of new tissue. People with chronic conditions need this ability. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition could help them.
3. May be useful as a helper in up to 70 known human conditions. If you suffer from just about any condition, you may wish to try Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition to see if it can help your body help itself.
4. May help with mood elevation. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition has ingredients that are all natural to give you that mental pick-me-up.
5. May help increase attention and mental acuity. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition could help you be more focused and mentally sharper.
6. May aid in the decrease of inflammation in joints. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition has carefully selected ingredients to address this situation if it is happening to you.
7. May aid in the decrease of inflammation in muscles. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition could help ease your life on a daily basis with typical strains and sprains. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is simply the very best nutritional support to help your body help itself.

Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is a patented combination of whole Aphanizomenon flos –aquae ( AFA) and two distinct AFA extracts. The literature documents the ability of AFA extracts to increase adult stem cells naturally from our own bone marrow just the way our creator designed us. One study has shown an increase of up to 2,500,000 new adult stem cells in the circulation based on unidentified AFA extracts . In our patent we do reveal the constitution of our AFA extracts, and one in particular demonstrates the unique capacity, along with added polysaccharide, to influence the differentiation and proliferation of committed hematopoietic progenitor cells from the bone marrow. The second AFA extract used has a concomitant effect. Likewise, an extract of AFA can not have qualities that the whole AFA does not also have to some degree. Based upon our literature searches and consumer feedback, we have reason to believe our combination of whole AFA and AFA extracts along with higher strength capsules will potentiate the increase of adult stem cells naturally.

How Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition Works

Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition supplement goes far beyond the daily specialty vitamins many people take in addition to what they eat. The whole food aspect, as well as two special water soluble extracts provide a composition of:
1. Your Own Adult Stem Cell Support
2. All 18 amino acidswhich are the body’s basic building blocks
3. All major minerals
4. More than 50 trace minerals
5. At least 12 key vitamins needed for incorporation
6. Important unsaturated fatty acids
7. Natural anti-oxidant protecting ingredients
8. Natural neuro-modulating ingredients

All of these act together and synergistically at the same time to aid the body go about its natural work of repair and maintenance. All are derived from high quality and purified Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a product derived from the sea to perpetuate life. In a bottle, there are 60 capsules, each containing 750 mg., meaning just two capsules a day as a serving will last one month. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is made not only to better life, but also to simplify it.

Many isolated populations are known for longevity and the high percent of centenarians in their population. One mainstay of diet is food harvested from the sea commonly known as seaweed. There have been many reported possible connections with this “food” and longevity. This type of study is known as Epidemiological. Since this food is an acquired taste and may be unsatisfactory in the American diet, Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition products have been harvested and purified both in whole form and extract forms to deliver the same potential benefits and more in capsule form. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition puts into action centuries of food knowledge in a simple and purified digestible form. Details on the various nutritive factors contained in Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition are noted in the Composition section.

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